Wednesday, November 14, 2007

embedding videos with you tube

I found out that you can embed video's from you tube into your blog without having to deal with the suggested video's popping up at the end of the video. That was always a concern because you just rally don't know what is going to pop up as a related video and whether or not it is something that is nasty and ir-relevant to what your video was in the first place. I ran into this when I blogged about the Christian vs Christ-follower videos that I embedded from you tube in an earlier post. When the video was done the related videos did have some more related videos that were ok, but then there were some gross video parodies also and that just seemed a bit inappropriate for what I like to blog about. So this past time to you tube I noticed a customize link just above the embed script and when you go into customize you can turn off the related video section and then you get a new embed script that will play just the video. It sounds like it will work. i still need to watch the poorly recorded T.S.O. video that I blogged, (It looks like someone recorded it from within the concert, but that's ok, it gets the point across on just how good the music of the trans-siberian orchestra really is!) so watch the video, let me know if the related section really is gone or not and I will do the same. If it turns out that it doesn't work, I'll append this with a statement of findings, but from the sounds of it, this should work so that just what you want blogged for the video is what gets viewed as well.
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