Thursday, November 29, 2007

His Kids Radio

Here is something that sounds great for kids, I have been hearing about "His Kids Radio" from WMBI for about a year now. I was thinking on getting the kids one of these last year, but at $49.00 I just may get one this year for the family. If you are out of the coverage area there is a WIFI version of His kids radio that connects through WIFI on the internet wirelessly from your own high speed internet connection for $179.00.

Monday, November 26, 2007

global warming...a farsk?

I am listening to the radio and am finding out that the whole global warming thing is put together through faulty science that threw together a scare tactic called forcing and that this forcing with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is called global warming. These bogus calculations that were added to their calculation programs are turning back inflated data to support their cause and thus add to the global warming bureaucracy and that these scare tactics are put in place so that we will continue to fund their research. They show you the polar ice caps melting but don't tell you about the antarctic ice caps expanding. These are natural occurrences and I would almost bet that in a few more years we will see the antarctic icecaps melting while the polar icecaps are expanding and the global warming experts will be pointing out the melting of those whi! le intentionally not reporting the expanding of the icecaps on the other end of the globe. so anyway check out moody's website at and hopefully they will have links posted soon about some of this.

Christmas Lights done to music

Here is another example of high tech christmas lights. I have seen the wizards of winter lights show from Ohio and it got me to really liking the Trans-siberian Orchestra; So anyway I googled you tube for their Christmas in Serejavo song and found an entry where a high tech person has used this song for their background for their Christmas lights show. So I am embeding that here for your enjoyment. Check out the Orchard as well, we have a Christmas candlelight service coming up on Christmas eve at 3,5,and 7 pm. Always crowded and always stellar!

here is the video that I found on youtube...

Friday, November 23, 2007

a alternative to gift cards

They were discussing on the radio today a way of giving money without using gift cards, because gift cards can expire, reduce in value or just plain be to a store that you may not want to, or if your a big man like me, cannot shop at. So they are suggesting that you fold money into cute shapes as seen at many website's but here is just one of them.
Mu opinion is that cash is just too hard to keep from wasting, so instead of being cutesy, which would not impress me in the least, give generic type gift cards that can be used anywhere, like an American express gift card or visa gift card etc.
This way they can use it anywhere and so on.

Monday, November 19, 2007

sad news...

I am sad to tell you that Mr. Whipple will no longer be telling you "Please don't squeeze the Charmin". The actor who played Mr. Whipple has died at the age of 91. You can read the story here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

background elements for ProPresenter movies

I have been reading up on the backgrounds and hoe we can use them in the shows to make a better impact with the songs. One thing that I just read and thought was pretty cool was the palindrome setting. Palindrome will play the clip forward tot he end then play it backwards to the beginning and so on where looping will play the clip from beginning to end and back to the beginning again. Some of the clips we use have distinctive start and stop points which make it choppy when it is looping may actually look better playing it in palindrome mode. So I am going to try and set some up that way and see how they look.
Another thing I noticed it that you can set up background cues within the song on the presentation layout screen. I was wondering about this as it becomes distracting to jump to the backgrounds page to change backgrounds and then of you don't click in the layout pane then if you hit the right arrow on the keyboard, you change backgrounds again. (very nerve wracking), but if the background cues works as I am reading it, then as you are presenting the song, when you get to a background cue then the background elements automatically changes totthat element and you can just keep on trucking on. every slide after that cue that does not have a cue preset will lay the text over what is currently playing till you get to the next cue which changes the background again. I have pasted the test from ProPresenters help webpage below for your reading and interpretation...

Creating Background Cues


In addition to choosing backgrounds on the fly, you may wish to create a Background Cue, which triggers a particular Background when a slide is chosen. While holding down the Command (Apple) key, drag a background from the Backgrounds Bin onto a Foreground slide. This creates a "Background Cue", adding a "BG" icon and thumbnail image to the slide as a visual indicator.

NOTE: Be aware that you are not "Setting a Background" for this slide, but rather "Triggering" a background to play when this slide is selected. All text slides that do not have background cues will display over the currently playing background. You should not assign the same background to multiple slides in a row as this serves no purpose and will restart the background at the beginning of every slide you choose.

You can remove a background cue by control- or right-clicking the foreground slide and selecting "Clear Background".

Thursday, November 15, 2007

new version of Pro-Presenter

I have seen the new and latest version of ProPresenter and it is looking good for the most part, They have made some good changes like allowing you to set up DVD clips into the DVD library and run those from within ProPresenter. I am looking forward to getting the chance to experiment with this new feature and see just how well this is going to work. I ran a DVD the other day using iDVD and using the settings of having full screen go directly into display 2, the remote is on the desktop, this works good if you pre set the movie to go, but if you are in need to jump from clip 1 to clip 2 and etc, this new version of ProPresenter seems to be fully capable of doing this for us. I did notice a small glitch in which I hope they are working on correcting. The glitch is that the text for the slides that are in being viewed by the operator no longer are synchronized with how it will look on the display for the audien! ce and may even over lap the edges of the thumbnails. It made me nervous when I first opened the new version and saw that my song that was laid out looked awful but when I put the slide up on the display it was just fine. I wonder if it was just an oversight and I think that it will be an easy fix for them and it should be fixed in a few days. Otherwise the program should be fine and it will be cool to see just how well the new DVD features work. Back in the days when we used a P.C. (shudder here), we used easy worship which also had a DVD section to it and we had used it and it was fair. I hope that the ProPresenter programmers have made it easier to navigate the clips and set them up. We shall see in a few days.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

embedding videos with you tube

I found out that you can embed video's from you tube into your blog without having to deal with the suggested video's popping up at the end of the video. That was always a concern because you just rally don't know what is going to pop up as a related video and whether or not it is something that is nasty and ir-relevant to what your video was in the first place. I ran into this when I blogged about the Christian vs Christ-follower videos that I embedded from you tube in an earlier post. When the video was done the related videos did have some more related videos that were ok, but then there were some gross video parodies also and that just seemed a bit inappropriate for what I like to blog about. So this past time to you tube I noticed a customize link just above the embed script and when you go into customize you can turn off the related video section and then you get a new embed script that will play just the video. It sounds like it will work. i still need to watch the poorly recorded T.S.O. video that I blogged, (It looks like someone recorded it from within the concert, but that's ok, it gets the point across on just how good the music of the trans-siberian orchestra really is!) so watch the video, let me know if the related section really is gone or not and I will do the same. If it turns out that it doesn't work, I'll append this with a statement of findings, but from the sounds of it, this should work so that just what you want blogged for the video is what gets viewed as well.

more TSO from YOu tube

Tso and Christmas music what a great combination!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hymns for a childs heart

Today on family-life today they talked about Hymns, with by Joni Eareckson Tada and Bobbie Wolgemuth.
This sounds like a great deal for those who know the hymns and even those who don't. It should make a good Christmas present for Mom so I just may have to get it for her.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ephesians 5:22-33 MSG.

22-24Wives, understand and support your husbands in ways that show your support for Christ. The husband provides leadership to his wife the way Christ does to his church, not by domineering but by cherishing. So just as the church submits to Christ as he exercises such leadership, wives should likewise submit to their husbands.

It must be that many churches stop here when they preach this but without even a mention to the rest of the story. If we read the rest of what Paul was trying to tell us then how should we treat our wives?
I would say much differently then we do now. read on...

25-28Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church-a love marked by giving, not getting. Christ's love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness. And that is how husbands ought to love their wives. They're really doing themselves a favor-since they're already "one" in marriage.

So, we are to love and go all out for our wives in the same way that Christ did for the church, but what did Christ do for the Church? He laid his life down for the church so that "She" could be saved from an eternity separated from God His Love for humanity (the church) and his obedience to the father (God as a whole) drove him to finish what he was sent here to do in the first place. to concur sin and death and provide us a way to God where there was no way before.

How many of us treat our wives with this kind of value? I haven't, and I know that many of those who keep their wives under their thumbs would try to claim an exemption to this, but it is written, it is written in plain English and we will be responsible to God for the ways that we have treated our wives and many of us will be ashamed of ourselves when our true motives are revealed. Motives we may not have even realized were there, for if we only knew how good life can be by following Christ's example, we would have done it long ago, but the world has us fooled into this control mentality that we are blinded by it. read on...

29-33No one abuses his own body, does he? No, he feeds and pampers it. That's how Christ treats us, the church, since we are part of his body. And this is why a man leaves father and mother and cherishes his wife. No longer two, they become "one flesh." This is a huge mystery, and I don't pretend to understand it all. What is clearest to me is the way Christ treats the church. And this provides a good picture of how each husband is to treat his wife, loving himself in loving her, and how each wife is to honor her husband.

Caring for His wife like he cares for his own body...what a concept.