Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

isight funnies

I had my sister-in-law over last night and the family and I had fun playing with the isight camera in photo booth. Check this out...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

new discovery with the new version of keynote

I found a new thing that will prove to be quite useful in the new version of keynote. It used to really bum me that we couldn't switch to another application while a keynote show was playing, but not any longer. With the new version of keynote, while the show is running, you can command tab and keynote will release the screen to whatever running application had it last. This is quite an advantage as we no longer have that lag time of escaping out of a keynote show to put up a nursery alert in ProPresenter, we can just command tab with gives the screens back to the ProPresenter program we were using, and while using the series transition as a background, a even slighter blink happens than when you have to escape out of the keynote show, now you can put up a nursery alert, run a movie in IDVD or QuickTime, and then Command tab back through your applications to the running keynote show and you are back to where you were and r! eady for the next slide. This will prove quite handy as we were having a bit of an issue with keynote running the high definition video's last week, and this opened up the opportunity to run the video's using just about anything we want. Very cool, and Thank you Apple!.

Monday, October 22, 2007

smiling addiction video

Here is the a video that was in the sermon. Think about it after watching it.
What is your happy pill so to speak, Money?, Work?, Status? life lived alone is so miserable.

Saturday at the Orchard (IT ROCKED THE HOUSE!)

Saturday was way cool, we had just short of 400 people come out for the debut of the new Saturday service and it was awesome!
The Band was great as always (we have been blessed with a tremendous group of extraordinarily talented musicians!)
The audio visual was quite a challenge, but we got it going and it was very good, Sunday was better because we learned from our minor mistakes, and even was able to polish the edges on the video transitions and made a very good presentation even better.
with 3 screens, 2 Macs, and now 2 KVM video switching consoles, we had to learn some new ways to transition from Pro-presenter to Keynote with out having the very noticeable screen flash/sync that we got Saturday, so what we decided was to start from a black screen, set the KVM's the screens now will sync up un-noticeable and then they are ready for the next video segment, which Pro-presenter wasn't handling very well, It uses quick time, so when we would drop a 400mb movie into the video folder, the program would lock up, drag down the mac to a crawl, and we even crashed once Saturday. so Keynote already works very well with video's and the videos we were playing were very integral to the sermon which was on keynote already, so we added the pre-sermon to the front of the keynote presentation and put the mid-sermon video in the proper place inside of the keynote presentation set the video not to play when selected but to wait for the mouse click (or next arrow on the keyboard) so when the band was finished with the last song, and the pre-service video was up next, we would fade the screens to black, switch the KVM's so all three screens would be run by the Mac being used for the Keynote presentation, Hit play on keynote fade down the lights and press the right arrow on the keyboard and Ta-da, there goes the video on all three screens with out anyone seeing the screens sync, or suspect that we have changed programs that were running. after the video, we had the transition slide as the next slide in the presentation, but we needed to switch the video's back to being operated separately by the two Macs (sides on one center on the other) so while the screens were still black and the lights were coming up we switched the KVM's back to were they needed to be and the screens synced up without notice. Now we need to keep ProPresenter running on the sides for the nursery alerts function and so we have the sermon transition slide that we use between topic points on the keynote presentation saved as a .JPG and put on the MAC used for the sides as a ProPresenter background, so with a coordinated effort we both changed to the transition slide at the same time and the transition slide went up at the same time; and we repeated this exercise when the mid sermon video clip was ready to play, which was powerful and thought provoking as well as a little disturbing. if I can find it on you tube I will post the video.
Scott's message was Top Notch, The John 10:10 was right on and some thing we tend to forget; That Jesus came to give us life, but not just life but a full life and we can get this full life by following His example of thinking of others and remembering that life is not just about me. Scott's main sermon point...A full life is focused on WE not ME. That is what it's all about. So stay tuned and I will post a link to the pictures if Scott, Chris or Mike blog's any of them and if I find the video that was used in the middle of the sermon, I will embed it as well.

Friday, October 19, 2007

ordinary people

God loves to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things, things that most would not think to be possible by the standards that the world has. God gets glory by the obedience of the ordinary. Nothing seems to be special with these servants of the most high, but they have something that the others do not, they have a BIG GOD helping them who loves us and all people, and has many promises for us in the scriptures. He tells us that He will be with always, even to the ends of the earth, That we can do all things through Christ Jesus and that nothing is impossible with God. We are promised that when two or three are gathered in His name that He is with us.
We got to BE the church again the other night as we prayed for a member of the team who was going to be going in for some tests.
We hold up the promises that all things do work together for good, even if we don't understand them.
Tomorrow, we start the new Saturday service, at 5:00 p.m. we have got to have the most talented team of "ordinary but used by God in big ways" group of volunteers that I have ever seen, and I am honored to have the privilege to work with them. This is what makes the Orchard unique. Every one is focused on the mission, the mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and it is this focus of God and His Son Jesus, that gives us the ability to work together is such a great way and I am humbled.
God, You be glorified tomorrow, Sunday, and every day. Give us the strength and ability we need to accomplish this task that has been set before us and work through us in a tremendous way to touch the lives of everyone that we are serving. In your sons name, A-men

Thursday, October 18, 2007

a very funny clip

Here is a movie that is going around via e-mail,laugh hard, laugh often!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

pictures of the new screens

Scott has posted pictures of the new screens, very cool! check it out here...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

new screen debut...

the new screen's had their debut today and they looked great! there is some tweaking still that needs to be done like getting the resolution that leaves the computer set correctly to what I think that it is called "a letterbox format", otherwise in terms I understand, we need to get the image leaving the computer set to go out in the wide screen setting and then have the projectors take that image that is being sent and not pervert it in anyway and leave it in the resolution that is being sent. Today, the projectors were having to modify the image to make it wide screen, so to compensate, we had to set up the slides as wide screen, then have the program distort them back into a square squishing the side in and making it look just awful on the computer, but as they were re-stretched on the screens, they looked normal again. That is a lot of work for compensating for something that will be fixed once we get the sending resolutions and the expected resolutions to match. no one really noticed as we had the compensations set and so every thing looked good. I am sure that either Scott or Mike will be posting pictures, and being I have none to post, I will just say for you to watch their blogs for the pictures to come. I saw several being taken so I expect to be linking them within the next day or so.
The big saturday service is next Saturday at 5 p.m. (October 20th 2007) so be sure to come out for our Saturday debut as well. The new series "Suburban mythes" will be satrting and It sounds like it is going to be a great series. God has a lot of things planned for the Orchard, and the city of Aurora as well. When lives are changed, and God is glorified, It is just so cool!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

new ProPresenter positives

The new ProPresenter supports the higher resolutions that we are seeing in the newer Macs and presentation projection systems. The older versions were limited by 800 x 600, which was a good CRT resolution and common era projectors, but in todays High def society we are in, the need presented itself for the program to support the high definition movies and backgrounds and Renewed Vision came through for us in the latest version (3.0) which now has their pro video player built into it. as we get ready to go wide screen, I will also be checking the setup of the program to "tweak" the display settings for the secondary monitors to a higher definition, and I also will need to check the macs video settings for the secondary display to see how it handles wide screen monitors and get the settings ready, if they aren't already.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Another thing found with the new version of propresenter

Another quirk has been discovered, but a good one if used right. There used to be no fast way to get from song 1 to song 2 with out clicking the song in the play list and after it loaded, playing catchup with the verses. This is no longer the case but you have to remember the key board shortcut that used to do one things no longer does. We used to be able to arrow down to get to a slide just below the one playing if that happens to be the slide you need, like when a song goes from verse to bridge then back to chorus and the bridge just happens to be sitting under where the verse ends you could hit the down arrow and the selected slide would be the one just below where you were. This no longer works, as now when you hit the down arrow, the next song in the play list loads ( and a lot faster then they used to) into the active screen and is ready for use, which if your operator wasn't expecting this, will be very confusing to ! him or her. I can see why they implemented this change, as we have had to combine songs together into the same song because there was no quick way to jump from the one to the other, now if your music leader decides to jump from song one to song two and back to song one again, just hit the up or down arrows to toggle between songs and select the verse or chorus and voalla, no sweat.

Note 10/04/2007...Just noticed last night that the arrow key no longer wraps from the last slide to the first, it jumps you into the first slide of the next song in the play list. so exercise caution when you are near the last of the slides. A good habit would be to have at least one blank slide at the end of each song as a good place to end the song with out the next one loading, and a place to go in case your arrow key takes a 2 slide jump (nervous finger syndrome).