Thursday, September 6, 2007

Using Quick time in presentation view

Last night during the Wednesday night service, we got to try doing video presentation a tad bit differently due to needing to pause the video for a live acting presentation that was to happen between the snippets. So we found that using keynote wasn't going to cut it, because we couldn't pause the video between sections, Pro-presenter had the same problem and we didn't have the time to dissect the video into independent segments either. So we were forced to use QuickTime and found that it wasn't hard to set it up after all.
So for those interested in the fine tuning of the program what we did was to go into the QuickTime preferences and access the full screen settings area and select our alternate screen (not the computer screen, but the projection screen a.k.a. monitor 2). so now when we press play and enter full screen mode, the video will be able to be seen from the projection system by the audience. good, but the remote keeps showing up when we paused the movie (space bar starts and stops the movie). Back to the preferences to disable the remote from automatically appearing. ok. now we are ready again and noticed that the video was only filling 2/3 of the screen. That we corrected by using the view settings (same drop down used to access full screen mode), and selecting fill screen option stretches the movie proportionately  and fills the screens viewable area with it.
A few things to keep note of when using this method for presenting video clips for your presentations...
1. start the clip and pause it right away so that it is at a point ready to be sent to the projectors at. We have our clips start black so that they are virtually unnoticed when they slide over into the projector area.
2. as soon as you select the view full screen option from the views drop down menu the video jumps into the viewable area of the projection screens and will start playing. so if you are not ready for it to go, hit the space bar and you will re-pause the movie or clip.
3. every time you need to pause it just hit the space bar and it will start and start your clip or movie. When you reach the end of the movie or clip the quick time player will stop and return the window into the monitor of the computer you are using and will restart the clip, so make sure you are prepared for that and either close the window (if you are done with the clip), or just close the clip and load the next one that you are using.
This will keep you presentations looking professional and your audience will experience the presentation with as little distractions as possible without you having to spend a ton of money on professional video switching equipment.
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